We help take control of your time, so you can spend more time living life.

Providing reliable, affordable business systems, leadership training and office wide communication services to small business owners.

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The Core of
High Speed Consulting

Our Mission Statement

High Speed consulting is committed to improving one small business at a time through clarity, accountability and results. We drive this with our proven method encompassing business tools, resource training, and management systems.

Our Purpose

To change the lives in the community we serve by creating purpose-driven businesses and leaders. By 2027, we will have changed the lives of 2500 people in the community we serve.

Our Beliefs

1. We Believe In Helping First - we provide value with no expectations. - "It is important to us that we focus on helping people solve their issues whether or not we get compensated. We do that by taking your call and listening to what you have going on and providing direction where needed and services when desired."

2. We Believe In Doing The Right Thing - we act like mom's watching everything we do. - "It's not enough that we behave a certain way when someone is looking. The right way to behave is to always do the right thing, even if it costs us money because it's something that we should do."

3. We Believe In Being Humbly Confident - we know our stuff without being arrogant. - "We know things that our clients do not. Our clients know things that we do not. When we share what we know, it's important that we provide our insights with humility and respect for the other person. We all have things we don't know so acting like we are superior to someone else is unacceptable behavior. It's about being respectful and vulnerable at the same time."

4. We Believe In Having Tactical Discipline - we follow the process. - "There are many ways to accomplish similar things. Our Company has spent an enormous amount of time creating and implementing the processes that provide our clients with a consistent and reliable outcome. Following or not following our process is not an option. Our clients expect a similar experience to what our previous clients have received and we will follow our processes to ensure they do."

Accelerate your business growth with us!

If you are a dental practice owner and are finding it hard to manage things on your own, or if you are someone who has opened his dream business but now things are getting difficult for you to handle, you have come to the right place. 

Here at High-Speed Consulting LLC, we are trained and experienced in solving our client’s problems. We know that when you open a business or a practice, no matter how small, things will be very hard in the first few years. You will feel exhausted because you are putting in a lot of effort in making business plans, guiding your team members properly, and getting the job done. Despite the number of people on your team, you will still feel responsible for every decision and outcome and burdened. We are here to lift some of that load off your shoulders so you can focus your time and energy on better things. We help you reach your full potential and take your small business to new heights by providing guidance and resources that are ready to be used.


Services We Provide

You are good at some things and not so much at others. Until you get people who are smarter than you on the areas of the business you are weak, you'll always suffer the consequence.

Business Leadership & Management System

Roles, responsibilities, and relationships are defined by organizational structure, processes, leadership styles, people’s professional and cultural backgrounds, and HR policies and practices.

Leaders & Staff

Do you have a business coach? If not, you could be limiting your business success. That’s because coaches help you identify and focus on what’s important, which accelerates your success.


“With the right team, right systems and right accountability, you can become the CEO!”


Frank Curtin


What They Say

As a former Navy man I understand the importance of a rudder and a power plant. In order to move, you need to have all the parts of your engine working. In order to move in a specific direction, you need a rudder. And as good as all of that is, without a plan, how would you know where you are going? Thanks to working with Frank I finally feel like a captain with a great crew. My business has a solid foundation, a clear set of priorities and a team that's on board making it happen. Thanks Frank!
Dr. Nick Rorick
Dentist • Fort Wayne, IN
I'm the type of person who if you do well by me I'm going to be your biggest fan and promoter. Frank has been amazing to work with and his ability to connect with doctors and team members is awesome. He's constantly working behind the scenes with my Office Manager and whenever something new arises Frank's there to help and we get it done. Thank you Frank!
Dr. Henry Ernst
Dentist • Charlotte, NC
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Ready to get started?

We believe in helping you take control of your time, so that you can spend more time living life on your terms.

We do this by providing reliable, affordable business systems, leadership training and office wide communication services to small business owners, so that they can take control of their time and spend more time living life on their terms. We offer you and your team the tools and resources needed to make this a reality, not just a dream!