High Speed Podcast #14 – The High Speed Podcast with Dr. Forrest Bryant: Abhi Gholar

High Speed Alliance is happy to release another content full podcast with Abhi Gholar of Real Estate Deal Talk. Abhi is an experienced investor, well-connected and shares unselfishly. In this podcast, Dr. Bryant and Abhi discuss topics such as:

  • Multifamily Syndications – why they are attractive, questions for investors to ask
  • Lessons learned from failure – how to avoid mistakes in real estate and life
  • Investing strategies for physicians, dentists and CEOs
  • New construction and Value Add Real Estate
  • Current Real Estate Cycle – where are we now and how to prepare for future

Quote of the episode “If you are not taking advantage of Self Directed IRA investing you are LOSING THE GAME OF LIFE!” – Abhi Gholar

This episode is chock full of gems so get ready to take notes!