[ Chief Executive Officer ]

Dr. Forrest Bryant

Dr. Forrest Bryant, our Chief Executive Officer, is a retired dentist who has leveraged decades of business acumen and experiences as a financial planner and real estate investor into creating the one-of-a-kind community that is HSA. 

Dr. Bryant created High Speed Alliance not only because his friends were asking for advice, but also because he wanted to build a company that he was always looking for, but couldn’t find.  It grew organically through his network of friends and word of mouth, then took off from there.

He built HSA with the goal of helping doctors, dentists, and CEOs generate passive income that will lead them to freedom and create a lasting legacy for their families. By helping practice owners maximize their businesses, master personal and business finances and create a focus on family and lifestyle, HSA is positioned to be a game-changer in the finance industry.  

A few of Dr. Bryant’s notable accomplishments include: Auburn University graduate (1990 – 1993), UAB Dental School graduate (1993 – 1997), OKU National Dental Honor Society, Several Research Awards, UAB Alumni Award, Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry, LVI for Advanced Dental Studies graduate, and is on several Company Boards including the HopeServeAction Foundation, United Dental Corporation, and Soriano Motori. 

He has been married for more than two decades to his adoring wife, Carol, and is a dedicated father to Forrest Jr. and Ava. He is a visionary with a passion for deep knowledge and research. He reads wealth strategy books daily and also attends family office meetings across the US.

When not serving HSA Clients, Dr. Bryant can be found on the beach in Florida, at an Auburn or TCU football game, or in a tree stand.